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We have designed this cloud-based system with you in mind to enhance your learning system; which can be implemented in schools, colleges, universities, training institutes, industries, corporate level and even at provincial or government level by the government to cater the needs and requirements of the educational institutes which come under its jurisdiction to ensure one perfect educational system across the board.

It also eases the burden on the shoulders of the management, it is simple and a very powerful LMS; easing the learning through dashboards for Students, Teachers, Parents, Counselors, Instructional designers, Mini Admins, and Admins as they are given access to all the relevant features of LMS in one single place.

Active Learning System enables educational or training organizations to engage students in exciting new ways, reaching them on their terms and devices and connecting more effectively, keeping students informed, involved, and collaborating. We can modify it for the industries to provide trainings for their products and at corporate level; trainings for their team members.

Being Automation Consultants, we are serving both the public and private sectors and are able to provide cloud-based IT services and software.
LogIQ Curve’s vibrant team has successfully completed many assignments successfully in land development, security system, document imaging, workflow management and smart metering solution.

Custom software and web development services are the core of our business. For several years, we’ve been employing the best backend and frontend developers. Supervised by heads of technologies, they excel in building modern and future-proof solutions – tailored to the needs of end-users, intended to reach your business goals with perfection.

As it is reflected by the opinion of our clients whose reviews allowed us to progress ahead that we are indeed one of the best choices when it comes to software and web development solutions. They especially appreciate our rounded and complete approach starting from business analysis and moving ahead to UX/UI design to software development and further maintenance.

We are not the kind of software company which develops numerous doppelgänger platforms based on the same template. In fact, we offer true custom web development, developing projects of numerous brands: big data, fintech, e-commerce, security, marketing, etc. Our solutions are truly custom-made to the precise business needs.

Our professional designers can assist you in creating and managing your corporate identity (Logo, stationary, brochures), websites, advertisements, direct mail, PowerPoint templates, and much more. Our designers also work with and provide 3D design, modeling, visualization and animation services. We have the expertise to help our clients in all aspects of business branding including developing packaging, labels, posters, way finding, etc. We can confidently say that we have some of the best designers.

Understanding your business is a key part of our strategy. From researching the competition, to translating the vision of the CEO, to designing and implementing an integrated brand identity program, the development process is presented through a highly visible and thorough process involving research and analysis, brand strategy, brand design and marketing.

Our aim is to provide you with the highest level of creative quality that will enhance your organization’s corporate image and visibility in the market.

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“If your 2-year-old toddler is able to use a tablet, the real gifted person is the programmer” – Mut @blancopus

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